It seems like you're curious about what I do — I guess you're on the right page! 

Jewelry has always been my biggest obsession. Pretty sure I had been bitten hard by the jewelry bug when I was 16. Since my younger days, I loved quirkily shaped metals and faux jewels that were unconventionally set. I’d always been fascinated with the ways metals can be forged and formed. Needless to say, I started a fashion jewelry business in 2013 but business was a struggle for two years until I had realised that all I wanted was a collection that focuses on timelessness.

Also in the same year that I had spent searching for my own wedding ring, I stumbled upon the enchanting world of goldsmithing. I'd wanted a ring that would represent everything that I am and have inspired our love. After all, the meaning isn’t only in the design but in the moment this ring was going to hold the sentiments of the vows that my partner and I would make. 

We’re big nature lovers, making promises to go to the ends of the earth for each other. I had dreamt of owning a piece that was greatly inspired by nature. 

Yet, we didn’t manage to find the rings for ourselves. 

Instead, I found metalsmithing to be a creative outlet for me and I instantly fell in love with the art. I’ve been practising ever since, self-teaching and exploring different techniques to jewelry making. Wax carving is my favourite technique to make heirloom rings — allowing me the freedom to shape and carve various forms that replicate textures of the earth. 

In the year of 2016, LivLov was established as the house for bespoke wedding rings and custom engagement jewelry pieces. We still have a ways to go and miles of experience to achieve. I now own a cosy work area within a warm and inspiring space — it is where the jewelry magic happens. These days I come to work almost every day and I am surrounded by well-known troupers in the creative industry. They are smart and funny people who devote their time to care for my plants and make wine nights happen. They are dedicated independent wedding vendors of various artistry — photographers, calligraphers, florists, makeup artists.

We are happy to create for you — for what represents the love between you and your partner.

Truth is, our stories are nothing without yours. We thrive on your stories! 

Feel free to reach me here whenever you're ready to talk about wedding rings or if you happen to be on a quest to find the perfect ring for your proposal!