"As I fastened my grip on the blowtorch, I nervously attempted a steady circling movement to keep the blue flame hovering over the silver ring. The anticipation was only a matter of seconds, as the heated silver would reach a temperature enough to melt the silver solder bit that was strategically placed under the gap. Keeping my eyes gazed on the solder, I realised I could not afford to blink and soon enough, the solder flashed and flowed through the gap."

I had made a ring.


That was the first time I was exposed to the art of metalsmithing. 

Jewelry has always been a part of my creative outlet since my teenage years. Ever since my first handmade ring, I had fallen head over heels and fully smitten with the craft. As I continue this learning journey with self-exploration of varied techniques in jewelry making, I discovered jewelry wax to be the perfect medium that I can use in expressing my inner bohemian personality. Through carving and with an open mind, I am allowed the freedom to shape and create forms that replicate textures of the earth. 

In the year of 2016, LivLov was established as the house for bespoke wedding rings and engagement jewelry. We still have a ways to go and miles of experience to achieve. I now own a cosy work area within a warm and inspiring space — it is exactly where the jewelry magic happens. These days I come to work almost every day and I am surrounded by well-known troupers in the creative community. They are smart and funny people who devote their time to practising their craft but still show great level of care for my plants and to make social wine nights happen. These are dedicated independent wedding vendors of various artistry — photographers, filmmakers, event stylists, calligraphers, florists, makeup artists. 

But, our thought process goes deeper than that. It is the immense support from people of all walks of life who come through our doors with their big open hearts that really empower our expression of creativity. 

We are happy to create for you — for all that represents the love between you and your partner.

Truth is, our stories are nothing without yours. 

With love and gratitude,