Permanent connections (also known as permanent jewelry) are now available by appointment.
Make your commitment seamless with the slightest sparkle and the finest of chains.
All it takes is an instant weld of our connectors made to your fit.
Our connections are sans clasp and permanent.
A gentle adornment to have and to hold.


Our bracelet chains measure between 0.8 to 1.5mm.

Unconventionally small and subtle, but solid in strength.


Choose your bracelet connection from our 10k and 14k solid gold selection:

Or select an anklet connection in 925 sterling silver:


Commonly Asked Questions:

What is permanent jewelry?
Permanent jewelry are simply chains that are secured with a quick weld, directly onto the wrist or ankle in place of a traditional clasp closure. The lack of a clasp means that it cannot be removed and worn like regular chain bracelets or anklets. 

Is the welding process safe?
Yes it is 100% safe. We will carefully make the weld without direct contact with your skin. As the connector fuses close, it will not burn the skin. Rest assured it is a quick, pain-free and fun process.

What material are the chains made of?
Intended to be worn daily, our bracelet chains are available in 10k and 14k solid gold. As lower karat gold is more durable than pure gold, our gold chains are super fine but also very strong, and not prone to breakage if worn properly with the right fit on the wrists. Solid gold holds up effortlessly well and is so easy to maintain. 10k and 14k gold can be worn for a lifetime and will not lose its shine.
We do not offer sterling silver for bracelets as they will not wear as well as gold over time. 10k and 14k white gold options are available but are limited to certain chain types.

Is jewelry allowed through airport security scans?
Gold and silver do not set off metal detectors as they're not magnetic. You don't have to take your jewelry off when getting through airport security.

What if I need to remove my permanent jewelry?
Don't worry about its permanence as the chain can be taken off by carefully cutting the small connecting ring with scissors. If it is removed properly, we will be able to reattach it for you. 

Do you accept walk-ins?
Even though the entire process does not usually take longer than 15 mins, all sessions are accepted by appointment only. We are unable to accommodate walk-ins at this time.

What is your appointment cancellation policy?
The deposit will be forfeited if you make any cancellations or changes within 24 hours of the appointment.
Cancellations or reschedules can be made 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please email us at

Is there an age restriction for permanent jewelry?
You will have to be above the age of 16 to get permanent connections.

Can I make a return on my permanent jewelry?
We are unable to offer returns or refunds on permanent jewelry as they are fully customised and made to fit everyone differently. 

Can I add a clasp closure if I change my mind about permanent jewelry?
You may purchase a clasp from us and add it on later if you prefer your jewelry to be removable.