You're here because my aesthetics are in line with your style and
it's pretty much all you want in your wedding ring.

Or, maybe you have no idea what you want but you really like my works (Thank you!).

I can help you build a picture of the design that you are looking for — all we need is your time in the process to discuss in detail of your preferences and I will provide you with options. 

Looking for the perfect ring may be seemingly challenging if you're want something different and non-traditional for your partner. But the search for a unique ring isn't all that daunting — I'm here to help you create the jewelry piece that will celebrate and honour your expression of love. 

Meet with me at my studio and explore the possibilities in the realm of bespoke jewelry and learn about the one-of-a-kind gemstones that I often use in my works. 

My pieces are mostly carved intuitively by hand and individually crafted on demand. It's my absolute pleasure to guide you through the process of creating something to call your own.

Keep in mind that, behind the art of handmade jewelry is an intricately mindful process that requires a good deal of time to plan ahead. My production schedule is often full (which I'm thankful for!) so as of now, some designs need as long as 4 months of production time. If you're ready to work with me, send your enquiry early and book an appointment here.