LivLov Fine Jewelry 18k Bespoke

hand-fabricated twig & leaf 18k black gold engagement ring with gray diamond for Marjorie

The process of creating a special one-of-a-kind piece is important for every client and we do this on a personal level. Beyond emails, our studio is also open for complimentary consultations. For Xuemin, it is always a pleasure for her to help couples find the rings of their dream through understanding their lifestyle and preferences.

Xuemin works closely with clients to help them create their perfect piece - be it engagement rings, wedding rings or sentimental gifts. Her pieces are intuitively hand-built with care, and crafted to perfection.

About Xuemin

Xuemin's original love for timeless delicate jewelry and art of handcrafting led her to fall into the intriguing world of silversmithing. Years into curating fashion jewelry and making a business out of it, she naturally embarked on jewelry fabrication, building her very own line of fine jewelry.

Prompted by her deep dedication for traditional lost wax casting, Xuemin is inspired to create organic designs with hand carving. Forgoing today's option of using technology to manufacture jewelry, her self-taught hand carving skills make her designs unique and meaningful, keeping true to her distinctive style as she invests days and nights with manual tools in perfecting her pieces.

Xuemin also works closely with local independent partners in the fabrication process to produce her one-of-a-kind one piece designs in the desired precious metal and eventually oversees the finishing process.

Up to now, she continues to build her workbench with new tools, hone her soldering skills and explore the unlimited possibilities of working with precious metals and gemstones. 


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Bespoke 18k Gold Wedding Rings for G + S

handmade laurel & twig inspired 18k gold wedding rings for Gabrielle + Shitong


LivLov Fine Jewelry 18k Bespoke

handcarved 18k gold wedding rings for Sally + Jeremy

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