The Making Process Of LivLov Rings

Seeing through the process of making each ring makes the final piece more precious than it already looks. There's nothing more perfect than having a ring that's made to be ours. Our hands are made different and for this reason, I make the rings I wear in sizes that fit my very vastly different sized fingers on my right hand, they go from a US 3.5, 4, and 5. I do leave the left hand for my wedding and engagement rings these days. 
The other day in the studio, I casually had a few photos taken of the Blue Topaz Solitaire Silver Ring as I made it for an order. This was shortly after I had soldered both ends of the wire together, shaped it and had probably put it in the pickle. Once ready, I filed a nice top on the shank where it would fit our silver bezel.
Our topaz comes nicely sized for the bezel. The cut of the stone gives a great subtle blue tone with a clean look and they're my favourite to work with. Some polishing had been done to give our bezel a nice shiny finish before the real work began.
Setting stones isn't always a breeze but I've gotten a whole lot better with tools like these ones in the picture. That sparkle from the gem under my work lamp is something I enjoy quite a bit. As soon as the topaz was set, I finish the work off with more polishing works that come in steps, from sanding off the scratches, to buffing it with trusty polishing compounds. After thorough cleaning, it was good to go. Our work is made-to-order in 3 to 5 business days and is available for your purchase here.

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